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Holding Trinidad and Tobago’s Media to a Higher Standard

Trinidad and Tobago’s news media has a serious credibility problem. There I said it. I’ve been meaning to get that off my chest. As a recent journalism school graduate, who […]


Seeing Ourselves in our Favourite West Indian Novels

  The few West Indian novels I studied in school have a special place in my heart, because they were some of the only books that I could see myself […]


Parents and Technology: The Bane of your Existence?

We all know the “technologically inept” parent. Whether it’s your own parents or grandparents, or just an older person in your office, everyone in this generation has met and been […]


Free Speech: Do we Really Understand what it means?

Since the state of emergency was put in place two months ago, there has been endless discussion about the extent to which our rights as citizens have been limited, and […]


Men and Grooming: Ladies Like More than a Basic Trim

When it comes to personal grooming, women rule the pack. Whether it be about shaving armpits or finding the right shade of lipstick, there is really no doubt that women […]


Adult Temper Tantrums: Justified or Not?

Growing into my teen years, the worst insult that anyone could throw at me was to say that I was being childish. Usually when someone said it, what they meant […]


Things that make you say, “Only in T&T”

You’ve heard the expression a thousand times: “Only in Trinidad (and Tobago) yuh go find (insert thing you only find in Trinidad and Tobago) yuh know!” Okay, admittedly, that was […]


Cocoa Vintage: The Artful Jeweller

For some people, starting a business takes time and ample resources, but for Crystal Antoine, all it took was talent, and a Facebook fan page. In November 2010, her handmade […]


Born in Foreign: Can You be Trini if you’ve Never Been Here?

Everybody wants to be a Trini. At least everybody who can claim its heritage by birth or ancestry. But what really defines a true Trinbagonian? Is it someone who loves […]


Downloading Music: When the Law Slaps Your Hand

I have not paid for music since 2004. The last album I purchased was John Legend’s debut “Get Lifted”, and that was only because I was (and still am) convinced […]


Nick Salloum: Engineer gone FashioNiQ

When can an engineer become a fashion designer? When your name is Nicholas Salloum, and the idea of a career behind a desk, pushing paper, makes you cringe. Most people […]


Fashion Felonies for the Fellas

People spend countless hours scrutinizing and criticizing the fashion crimes committed by women. From hooker heels to dowdy clothing, women are always getting the fashion backhand. But what about the […]


Christian Boucaud: Designing her Dreams

When Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago came to a close earlier this year, Christian Boucaud was the name on everyone’s lips. Bringing the audience to its feet after the presentation […]


Guys and Gals: Is Fashion making you a Pauper?

Fashion is one fantastic tief-head. Though the average consumer is too distracted to realize it, most new collections are recycled versions of older designs by popular fashion houses. Every season, […]