Buying Local Can Make Sense for Christmas


Buy local. Support local. Do these words stick with us? Maybe they can at Christmas time. I wouldn’t describe myself as a staunch activist for buying local – though every […]

Vintage Video: “Fooling Around” by Andre Corbie at Spektakula

Wha’ yuh go do, if yuh find your wife…in de act…hornin’ yuh? We found this old video of Andre Corbie giving a hilarious performance of this scenario, in his debut […]

Is Startup Weekend Trinidad and Tobago for You?


There’s been much talk about supporting entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago, but little action that creates an enabling environment for startups and small businesses. Then there’s the issue of non-entrepreneurs […]

Soca Artistes: The New Relationship Gurus


I eat, sleep, and breathe relationships. I’m fascinated by this thing called love – the magical moment when two hearts meet. That enchanted period of time when the sun shines […]

I’m a Business, Man: The Glorification of the Hustle


Somewhere during the last 15 years or so, we began redefining our view of the successful career path. High school. University. Entry-level position. Management. Retirement. They just weren’t sexy enough […]

America is Better than Your Country, But You Can still Borrow its Mantra


America is better than your country. As a matter of fact, it’s the greatest country in the world. True or false? Regardless of what you think, Americans’ belief in their […]

You’re the Only Unmarried Sibling: Does that Mean You Should Get Married?


What does it feel like, when all of your siblings are married, and you’re still single? It feels good – especially when I see the difference between my nephew and […]

Carnival Resolutions: Which Ones Do You Make or Break?


Making resolutions for Carnival isn’t something we consciously do – except for resolving to have a sexy body…of course. But losing weight is just one of those obvious resolutions. Looks […]

Men in Tights: Weird Looks and Running Fashion


OK, I admit it. I love running in tights/leggings. Short, long, I love them all, but there is one problem – it doesn’t seem to be socially acceptable in my native Trinidad. […]

My December Dread: Grieving during Christmas Time

Lady and candles

Sitting in my living room now is a little pine tree called Eve, so named by me because she’s an evergreen – the type of tree that is symbolic of […]

3 Trini Songs I didn’t expect to Hear on Finnish radio


Only 11 Trinis live in the whole of Finland, the last time anyone checked. Eleven! Well, maybe that’s quite a lot of Trinis for a place that’s dark and frozen […]

Whatever Dude: The Virtue of Political Apathy


One Sunday evening, while I was relaxing on my couch, with my girlfriend, doing what couples in loving long-term relationships do – not talking to each other while eating Pringles […]

Holding Trinidad and Tobago’s Media to a Higher Standard


Trinidad and Tobago’s news media has a serious credibility problem. There I said it. I’ve been meaning to get that off my chest. As a recent journalism school graduate, who […]

The Stache that Lived for Three Days


I don’t really like cars. Sure, I watch Top Gear, and I like speed as any male would, but I never found myself obsessive about cars. Motorcycles however, are dangerously […]