Top 10 Articles of May 2012

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The people have spoken, and the stats don’t lie. Here are the ten most popular articles published in May 2012.

1. Gay Marriage: Why it’s Time to Say Yes. By Darryn Dinesh Boodan.
Darryn is all for legalizing gay marriage in Trinidad and Tobago. So, in his usual witty way, he’s got a few reasons why those who aren’t for it should get onboard. Click here to see if he’s talking air or substance.

2. What’s the Big Deal About Having a Degree? By Brendon O’Brien.

Who really loves studying? And what’s the point of it, if you still don’t get the kind of job you want, and you don’t get to explore your other passions? Read here.

3. Don’t Laugh, but T&T needs a Men’s Movement. By Joel Henry.
Every time Joel talks about Trinidad and Tobago needing a men’s movement, people laugh. Men need help? They make up the majority of business leaders, politicians, and even the Avengers, but Joel is set on showing you that men need things to go back to the natural order to get their game back. Click here to see if he makes you stop laughing.
4. It’s Complicated: Why Do We Accept This Relationship Status? By Desiree Seebaran.
The infamous status. Do people use it just so they don’t have to click single, or is it time they wisened up about making their lives less complicated? If you SYH every time you see it or you do it, read this. 

5. Afraid to Call in Sick to Work? By Stephanie Singh.
Stephanie cried her eyes out about taking some sick days off. Then, she learned a valuable lesson. Keep yuh tail home ‘til you’re better and can report for duty, fresh faced and ready to be uber productive. Whether you’re at home or work, it’s easy to click this.

6. 6 Trini Travel Blogs to Read. By Rishi Sankar.
If you love to travel, love reading about travel, or love to maco other people’s adventures, Rishi has some suggestions for you. Travel to this link.


7. Aren’t We All Human First? By Mystie Thongs.
Living with a disability means you hear pretty stupid questions sometimes, like, “how do you use the bathroom?” Mystie says if we’d focus more on what people can do, maybe we’d all be better off. Click this link. You can do it!


8. Terms of Entitlement: It’s All About Me. By Jaime Lee Loy.
What’s in it for me? Ever felt as if some people feel they’re entitled to everything, or, worse yet, they blame everyone but themselves for what they don’t have? Jaime lays out the terms of entitlement for them. And yes, you’re fully entitled to click this.


9. Returning the Favour: Our Parents and Old Age. By Denesia Venus.
Remember when mommy and daddy cleaned your diapers? Well, one day, you might have to return the favour. Are you up for it? Click and decide.


10. Why is Great Food So Hard to Find? By Karel Mc Intosh.

Taste is subjective, but can you objectively say that great food is easy to find compared to long ago? If you want to make your belly grumble, read this.


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