I Love My Bed and So Should You

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Now I know how the three bears felt, when Goldilocks slept in their bed.

Imagine you’ve just gotten home, and you’re tired. You grab something to eat. You take a bath. And then you plop down in your bed, only to realize that someone else has been in it. How do you know? Well, if you know every contour of your bed the way that I do, you’ll just know.

I don’t know how Goldie did it, but I can’t sleep in other people’s beds. Okay, if I’m tired enough, sure. But the sleep doesn’t feel as good as it does in my own bed, and when that happens, I can’t function as well the next day. So, when I go to hotels, or even by a friend, I pray and hope that their beds suit me just fine.

I don’t know how Goldie did it, but I can’t sleep in other people’s beds.

Maybe it’s because I’ve had the same bed, since I was four (I’m now 32). Maybe it’s not the other beds’ fault. Maybe it’s me having withdrawal symptoms.

Still covered in stickers of the Orchard orange juice mascot from the 1980s, my bed has been with me throughout all of my phases. That bed has seen me jump on its head to escape licks (once), and had a dog poop on it, when I insisted that my puppy, Kim, slept in my room.

It was there, when my overactive imagination thought that a crocodile was crawling onto my bed, at night. And it was there, when I woke up the next morning to discover that what I honestly thought was a crocodile was only ruffles at the edge of the bed.

I’m going to overanalyse and read way too much into the meaning of all this, and say, maybe this is why I get my best sleep in my bed. Four-year-old Karel is in the back of my head saying, “This bed has been with you from the get go. It’s got your back.”

And it does, literally and figuratively. Queen, that’s my bed’s name…since she’s queen sized (I named her while writing this) supports me, regardless of how much weight I put on. And she doesn’t go and tell other people, if I snore or make funny noises in my sleep.

The dent of my body marks every mattress that’s been good enough to rest on her. I feel so comfortable in her embrace that when I lie down, I stay in one spot, with my pillows resting under my knees. I never move.

A plus to this is that I can be my good ole messy self, and cover half the bed with whatever I want. As a child, there were dollies and storybooks. As a teenager, there were novels, clothes, and schoolbooks. As a university student, there were journal papers, books, clothes, and a laptop. As a working adult, there were magazines, clothes, and a laptop. Now, there are bottles of vitamins, scraps of paper, magazines, sketchpads, clothes, and whatever else I feel like throwing there.

I'm so buying this!

Queen. She’s my sun, moon, and stars. I spin on her axis. If I don’t get my sleep, I’m cranky. If I don’t get my rest, I’m not efficient. She makes sure I get my rest. She is the wind beneath my wings.

That’s why I laugh at people who think that sleep is a bad thing. You’ve seen the bragging tweets and Facebook statuses…“I make money while you sleep.” I’m happy for them if they do, but I love my bed, especially at night.

My bed is where the magic happens. Here’s why.

Research shows that sleep enhances learning, memory and cognitive ability. Brain scan studies show that when you’re sleep deprived, your brain has to work harder to perform a task, compared to when you’re well rested. Most of us actually require at least seven hours of sleep. Few of us can function at our best with less. And the need to sleep is greater than our need for food.

So, if you’re not getting enough sleep these days, and you still think you’re awesome at work, then imagine how much more awesome you’ll be, if you got better rest.

Never let people make you feel badly, because you love your bed. You and your bed know that your brain is regenerating every time you inhale, as you dream about whatever it is that you dream about.

Sleep, my friends, is absolutely important. Therefore, my bed is important.

Obviously, there will be times when you’ll need to pull an all-nighter, or party ‘til six in the morning. But, try to make it up to your bed afterwards.

Realizing the cyclical nature of loving my bed, sleeping, and the benefits derived from sleeping, buy ambien online, I know that my love will forever stay true. If ever I move house, Queen will go with me. If ever I end up in a foreign land, I will hold on to the memories.

These days, I’ve renewed my commitment to her. There are so many benefits. And if I sleep seven hours a night, I’ll look seven times more beautiful. How can I resist such a possibility?

Queen and I hope that you too can find the sort of love we share. It’ll make you feel happy, full of life, and ready to take on the world. We’re not asking you to develop a fatal attraction. We’re just saying, think about what this kind of love can do for you.

Karel Mc Intosh

Karel Mc Intosh is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Outlish Magazine. She's also the Lead Communications Trainer at Livewired Group, where she conducts workshops in business writing, social media, and other communications areas. A real online junkie, when she isn't surfing the Internet, she's thinking about surfing the Internet. Find out more about her here or tweet her @outlishmagazine.


  1. giu

    June 14, 2012 at 4:41 am

    Great article!
    Sleep repairs cells, tissues and you need it more and more (especially if you have a hectic life) you need it mentally and physically.You have Queen. I have Scotch. Not a bed, but a soft toy that has been with me since I was 2 (I’m 26 now) and has travelled with me, slept in many cities and countries, and many many beds. It’s like my shelter, comforting me at night and it’s the link to my past, my childhood, my teenage and now my ‘recent adulthood’.Maybe your Queen is more than a bed. It embodies your whole life in its various stages and getting rid of it will not be easy (provided you have to get rid of it ;))Sleep well :)

    • Karel McIntosh

      June 15, 2012 at 11:36 am

      Thanks giu. And I definitely need cell repair. Lol. Now that you say it, yeah…I’ll probably have a hard time throwing it in a garbage heap. Good thing it’s a strong bed :)

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