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Ah Tired Defending My Love for Travelling

  For many people with the travel sickness, as I call it, the lure of the road and its promise of adventures are usually overwhelming after a couple weeks at […]

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6 Trini Travel Blogs to Read

We all have our passions and addictions. Some addictions are easier to feed than others. I like looking at travel blogs, since I love travelling in any way, sort, and […]


5 Great Ways to Travel Cheaply

  People love to travel. Trinis are people. Trinis love to travel. Travel is embedded in our psyche as a desirable, potentially transformational experience. It is part of the reason […]


5 Great Places Trinis can go Without a Visa

Marli Street, Port of Spain. Five a.m., crack of dawn and Trinis are lining up to pay 140 US dollars for a visa to visit the land of the free […]


Sugar Cake and Aloes: The Travellers’ Diaries

I am no George Jetson. By this, I mean that my hi-tech gadgets and practices date back to circa 2008. There is, however, one invention that would encourage me to […]


Moving out of Trinidad: The Good, the Bad, the Truth

So, you think you’re ready to move out of Trinidad or Tobago. But the question I ask is… are you really ready and prepared for the ups, downs, sideways, and […]


Liming in Tobago: 5 Things to do Besides go to the Beach

So yuh organize yuh vacation trip, or maybe a random lime to Tobago with probably the crew, the family or the beau. And you’re ready to head to the nearest […]


Life as a Trailing Spouse: Relocating for Love

I bet every one of us on this island knows a trailing spouse – someone who came to Trinidad when their partner found work here, or someone who upped sticks […]


When is the best time to apply for your US visa?

So summer is coming up and mankind is dreaming of jetting off to Miami, New York, or Oklahoma (thought I’d include Forgetful Jones’ favourite spot for some popularity equality). For […]


REDjet: Travelgasms and Sunsplash Dreams

Amen for REDjet! At last someone has come to answer our travelling prayers. For too long Caribbean travellers have been suffering at the hands of regional carriers who have unashamedly […]


Christmas Travel Tips for the Under-experienced Trini Flyer

Ok. So Christmas coming up and some of you lucky people are going home to sweet T&T to eat pastelle, drink sorrel, ginger beer, and ponche de crème, and bruck […]


Finding renewal in Jamaica

On my maiden trip to Jamaica in 2006, I was excited, nervous, and anxious with preconceived notions filled in by gangster tales from my then Jamaican boyfriend. It was a […]


A Schengen of Shenanigans

Thinking of visiting Europe? Gabrielle recounts her experiences living and working in Europe, and her Schengen shenanigans, and surmises that students and foreign-based professionals should be allowed to move more […]