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Soca Artistes: The New Relationship Gurus

I eat, sleep, and breathe relationships. I’m fascinated by this thing called love – the magical moment when two hearts meet. That enchanted period of time when the sun shines […]


You’re the Only Unmarried Sibling: Does that Mean You Should Get Married?

What does it feel like, when all of your siblings are married, and you’re still single? It feels good – especially when I see the difference between my nephew and […]


Pum Pum Etiquette and Love: How Soon is too Soon?

“If you know yuh nah go run de nookie, doh waste mi time.” I have a few friends who unofficially live by this mantra. But how does it fit into […]


Til Sex Do Us Part

We love sex. On the hood of the car in the pouring rain; at my writing desk under the threat of deadlines; or in the shower just before breakfast – […]


Why I Started Masturbating in My 30s

The word was simple, but it carried a lot of meaning for my friend when she read it in the 12 a.m. text I had sent. She knew its meaning, […]


How I Met My Wife on Twitter: A Bajan and Trini Connection

Online romance seems to be taboo amongst traditionally minded people in the Caribbean. “Be careful!” “Do you really know this person?” These are some of the mutterings you’ll hear. But […]


Making Love to Someone’s Mind: The Forgotten Factor

What is sex really? Is it just an act driven by pheromones and hormones? Or is it an experience that we have the power and the pleasure to control? And […]


Should You Let Your Lover Tell You How to Dress?

“When you have a little girl, it’s like how can you teach her that you’re in control of her body? If I teach her that I’m in charge of whether […]


My Jamaican Guy: Why I Don’t Want to Be the Future Mrs Usain Bolt

Usain my love, the words I type aren’t meant to discredit you in any way. It’s just me thinking things through…before we get serious. Failure to do so is why […]


Rethinking Marriage: Breaking Socially Acceptable Boundaries

  Imagine a person trying to draw water from a well using a bucket. You would expect her to use a bucket, but lo, hers is riddled with holes. She […]


Does Your Relationship Add Value to Your Life?

  What’s the point of being with someone, if they can’t teach you anything? Most people like to look for a partner who thinks just like them. They want someone […]

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Interracial Love: Happiness, Differences, and the Cultures in Between

  The first thing I noticed about him was that the man could take an amazing photo. The second thing was his gloriously red, curly hair. The third: he defiantly […]


Why is it So Easy for Some of Us to Forgive?

  This is what my friend asked me during a recent, late-night, Skype conversation. A few weeks post-breakup, she wanted to know why her ex was so unforgiving, and why […]


The Rules…er…Reality of Engagement

  Picture the fairytale – beautiful locale, a very much in love couple, and many displays of deep affection. Then he gets down on one knee and out comes the […]