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You’re the Only Unmarried Sibling: Does that Mean You Should Get Married?

What does it feel like, when all of your siblings are married, and you’re still single? It feels good – especially when I see the difference between my nephew and […]


SocaMom: Blogging Caribbean Parenting to the World

Playing Cupid online has its pluses – at least for Eva Greene-Wilson, creator and blogger of, a Caribbean-American parenting site. Back in 2003, she was just another Internet surfer, […]


Daddy, HAGT, and the Joke Machine

  I cringe when people lambaste deadbeat fathers in the media, but fail to balance it with examples of positive fathers. It is unfair to the ones who do a […]


The Father’s Day Address I’d like to See

  Father’s Day is coming up. That means from pulpit to podium we’ll be receiving a steady diet of what dastardly scoundrels men are, when it comes to taking care […]


Soft Men, Strong Men, and Daddy Issues

  Daddy issues don’t discriminate. And there are too many men out there who, just like women, have issues with their fathers, but never address them. I think it’s about […]


To Stay Home or Not to Stay Home? That is MY Question

Never in a million years would I have imagined that I would be strategizing worthy ways to make being a stay-at-home mother a reality. Housewife! Yuh crazy! I would never […]


Blurring the Lines: Friending your Child

For 30-something-year-old parents, like me, being a friend to your child has its perks. But do you think parents should be friends with their children? Some of my friends say […]


Stillborn: Dealing with My Baby’s Birth and Death

“Oh, it was a girl.” Those were the words I uttered on November 5th, 2009, when I saw my dead daughter. I did not cry. It would take me a […]


Co-parenting with your Ex: Getting it Together

I’ve never piloted an airplane before, but I’ve travelled in them enough times to realize that raising a child or children requires the same structured effort. One parent is in […]


Back to Work For Mom: Life in a Bigger Play Pen

“You must all be wondering who the lovely lady sitting at the front of the room is and what she is doing here! Well, she will be ushering us into […]


5 Tips for Single Parents Looking for Love

You’re young, successful, attractive, intelligent and single. Oh, by the way, you are a single parent too! You are on ‘this’ committee, you hitting the gym too and your boss […]


Help: My Mother’s Obsessed with Me

  Hello ladies and gentlemen. My name is Keisha Stephen, and it has been three weeks. I’m proud of myself… proud that I haven’t waivered, relapsed or become influenced. Before […]


Carbon Copied Love: How Parents affect our Relationships

Monkey see, monkey do. This is probably the simplest way I can express my take on how our parents affect our relationships; and as much as we don’t want to […]


Being the Mother I Never Had

“…There will be times when we do parenting wrong and our kids are hurt because of our choices and decisions when raising them, but that we’re allowed to go back […]