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You’re the Only Unmarried Sibling: Does that Mean You Should Get Married?

What does it feel like, when all of your siblings are married, and you’re still single? It feels good – especially when I see the difference between my nephew and […]

Lady and candles

My December Dread: Grieving during Christmas Time

Sitting in my living room now is a little pine tree called Eve, so named by me because she’s an evergreen – the type of tree that is symbolic of […]


A Letter to My 15-year-old Self

I remember you writing a letter to me, about 12 years ago, filled with unnecessary angst and earnest words that frankly make me blush for shame. Dear God, child, relax; […]


SocaMom: Blogging Caribbean Parenting to the World

Playing Cupid online has its pluses – at least for Eva Greene-Wilson, creator and blogger of, a Caribbean-American parenting site. Back in 2003, she was just another Internet surfer, […]


5 Things I Wish I Could Insure Myself From

In the United States, some insurance companies allow their clients to take out policies against alien abduction. Yep, real talk. I was surprised that people would want to do something […]


5 Ways to Make the Olympics Work for You

  On your marks. Get set. Go! There’s a sort of adrenaline rush you get from running from the back of the house to grab the remote control to turn […]


Not Me and That: So Why Do We Get Ourselves in It?

  “You see me? Not me and that!” This is possibly one of the most familiar phrases in the Trinbagonian vernacular, so much so that we have all likely heard […]


Why is it So Easy for Some of Us to Forgive?

  This is what my friend asked me during a recent, late-night, Skype conversation. A few weeks post-breakup, she wanted to know why her ex was so unforgiving, and why […]


Rumours and Doubt: When the Truth Doesn’t Matter

  Lana* is a crazy bitch – one hell of an incompetent and promiscuous mom who should be monitored with her son. The charming and seemingly hurt father of her […]


Are You Ready to Die?

  I’ve had two people die in my office within the past two months, both suddenly. Looking back now, I had seen Jane*, as was the norm, that Friday, making […]


Daddy, HAGT, and the Joke Machine

  I cringe when people lambaste deadbeat fathers in the media, but fail to balance it with examples of positive fathers. It is unfair to the ones who do a […]


The Father’s Day Address I’d like to See

  Father’s Day is coming up. That means from pulpit to podium we’ll be receiving a steady diet of what dastardly scoundrels men are, when it comes to taking care […]


Eat Nice: Do You Know When to be Outspoken?

  “You better be careful because she doh eat nice!” According to this Trinidadian term, if you don’t ‘eat nice’, you’re probably more than unpleasant. You may be downright rude, […]


5 Things I’ve Learned About Myself

  How many of us spend more time observing other people than analysing ourselves? I have always paid more attention to the motives and circumstances of the people around me. […]