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America is Better than Your Country, But You Can still Borrow its Mantra

America is better than your country. As a matter of fact, it’s the greatest country in the world. True or false? Regardless of what you think, Americans’ belief in their […]


Whatever Dude: The Virtue of Political Apathy

One Sunday evening, while I was relaxing on my couch, with my girlfriend, doing what couples in loving long-term relationships do – not talking to each other while eating Pringles […]


Holding Trinidad and Tobago’s Media to a Higher Standard

Trinidad and Tobago’s news media has a serious credibility problem. There I said it. I’ve been meaning to get that off my chest. As a recent journalism school graduate, who […]


Losing your Caribbean Accent: Selling out or Blending in?

Are you a sell-out if you lose – or switch – your accent? Or are you just doing whatever you think is necessary to be accepted in a new culture? […]

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Guilty of Unmanly Behaviour? Musing on Man Codes

It was an uncharacteristically cold and rainy day, when, on my way to the grocery, I found them, a litter of kittens abandoned in a cardboard box beneath the supermarket’s […]

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But You Not Even White! Prejudice and Light-skinned West Indians

I have a friend whose recent Facebook status read: “A policeman to me- why u pullin on me eh white girl doh make me lock you up this morning.” To […]


Being Chocolate: Are Darkies Still Less Accepted?

I was born chocolate. You know the colour of that sweet, dark, mocha mix that just sets your taste buds alive? I’ve never thought much about being chocolate, nor have […]

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My Boyfriend does My Makeup: Hypermasculinity, Society and Relationships

Oh, Don’t give me that look! Y’all know how YouTube works…you start off looking at highlights of the Olympics, and eventually find yuhself tie-up with videos of Saucy Pow pelting […]


From Villager to Bougie: Living Outside of My Colour Zone

  As a young lad, growing up, I was bombarded by the concept that Trinidad was a multi-ethnic and multi-racial society, where “every creed and race find and equal place”; […]


What Do You Think of Trinidad’s Shaq Attack?

  So Dr Shaquille O’Neal came to Trinidad. Yayyyyy. We big. Maybe we might make it onto Necole Bitchie, and look like we in ting. Whatever you think about the […]


It’s time to Talk about Sex, Children and the Education in between

  When my 18-month-old niece starting touching her vagina the first time I changed her diaper, I wondered if I should leave the room and give her some privacy. In […]


This is Why I’m Feminist

  Three weeks ago in Guyana, a 12-year-old girl, pregnant by her stepfather, gave birth by caesarean section. The newspapers reported that after the surgery she was resting comfortably. I’m […]


Turtles, Facebook Shaming, and the Voice of Reason

  It’s a funny thing, when people attack others for things they do, particularly when the attackers are guilty of similar offenses themselves. It’s utterly astonishing that we seem to […]


The Father’s Day Address I’d like to See

  Father’s Day is coming up. That means from pulpit to podium we’ll be receiving a steady diet of what dastardly scoundrels men are, when it comes to taking care […]