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Is Startup Weekend Trinidad and Tobago for You?

There’s been much talk about supporting entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago, but little action that creates an enabling environment for startups and small businesses. Then there’s the issue of non-entrepreneurs […]

Kathy and Karen Norman of K2K.

K2K: Fashion, Mas and Philanthropy

“A breath of fresh air.” That was the phrase that numerous people used over and over, when I spoke to them after K2K’s launch of their 2013 Carnival presentation, “The […]


Carnival Entrepreneurs: Jumping and Waving to the Bank

Everyone isn’t destined to be an entrepreneur, but most of us would jump at the opportunity to make extra cash. Seasonal businesses can be very lucrative, and, in the case […]


ARC: Business sense or Allegiance to Art?

Running a magazine is no easy task, especially when you don’t have a long list of staff on your masthead, and everything – from design, marketing, distribution, content development, editing […]


Akosua: An Activist for Entrepreneurship

At age 16, how many of us thought about being an entrepreneur? At age 16, how many of us thought that we could live off of our talent? As a […]


Marisa Albert: Take it to the Cleaners

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear a 21-year-old talk about wanting to start a business, but starting a dry cleaning business? That isn’t often mentioned. But, six years ago, at […]


Hybrid Theory: Design Innovators

You know the saying, “behind every man is a good woman”? Well, behind Dave Cooper, multi-talented, creative genius, is Stephanie Khan – former BWIA attendant, turned business partner and fiancée. […]

Amy Inglefield and Jeunesse Ali of TimeSquared.

TimeSquared: Double the Convenience

Running errands can be the bane of your existence. Standing in line at the bank, waiting to pay your phone bill, collecting clothes from the drycleaners, filing your taxes, and […]


Dale Ramirez: Expanding our Tastes

Dale Ramirez isn’t the guy you put on an obstacle course, and then expect to see him fail. A sucker for challenges, this serial entrepreneur and owner of the popular […]


Nicole Greene: Macaroni Kid at Heart

Creating a business that matches your lifestyle is a great way to keep your passion burning. For Nicole Greene, 36, it only made sense to develop a business based on […]


Market Movers: Love and Virtual Veggies

  Some people say lovers can’t be business partners, but in the case of David Thomas, 32, and Rachel Renie, 25, this is far from the truth. In March 2009, […]


Roger Alexis: More than Puppets on Film

Puppetry has always been a thing for kids, but Roger Alexis has definitely made it a must-see for adults. Trinis have been ‘cracking up’ over the short films “Thou Shall […]


Kerry Panchoo: Mixing & Mashing Media

Have you ever wondered who created that infamous ‘Dramatic Chipmunk’, where the chipmunk pops up from one video to the next or that rather cute ‘Sneezing baby Panda’? Countless, animated […]


Christian Boucaud: Designing her Dreams

When Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago came to a close earlier this year, Christian Boucaud was the name on everyone’s lips. Bringing the audience to its feet after the presentation […]