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Is Startup Weekend Trinidad and Tobago for You?

There’s been much talk about supporting entrepreneurship in Trinidad and Tobago, but little action that creates an enabling environment for startups and small businesses. Then there’s the issue of non-entrepreneurs […]


SocaMom: Blogging Caribbean Parenting to the World

Playing Cupid online has its pluses – at least for Eva Greene-Wilson, creator and blogger of, a Caribbean-American parenting site. Back in 2003, she was just another Internet surfer, […]

Gaiven Claremont

Erotica Writer turns Amazon Dreams into Reality

Sex sells. But when it comes to writing about it, far less publishing erotica on your own, you’ve got to have more than a steamy imagination. One minute you’re writing […]

Photo by Marlon Rouse.

A Story about Sean and Wendy: A Filmmaker’s First Time

Film festivals conjure the image of actors, filmmakers, and ‘artsy’ folk patting each other on the back about how great their work is, while photographers snap their animated conversations, and […]


Behind Prison Walls: Ryan Ramoutar Writes about Breakable Moments

  Written by Lyndon Baptiste. Author Ryan Ramoutar sat opposite us wearing a jersey, three-quarter pants and handcuffs. Because it was a “special visit” we met on the second floor […]

Kathy and Karen Norman of K2K.

K2K: Fashion, Mas and Philanthropy

“A breath of fresh air.” That was the phrase that numerous people used over and over, when I spoke to them after K2K’s launch of their 2013 Carnival presentation, “The […]


Keegan Simon: 1 Mysterious Individual

Who is Keegan Simon? That is the big question. Chances are, you’ve seen him around, at an event or two, or at those spots where the young, innovative crowd tend […]


Anointed Fusion: SOS is More than Music

This isn’t one of those groups that you hear at every Sunday morning worship service. In fact, this band is neither traditional, nor are they quick to stick to one […]


Carnival Entrepreneurs: Jumping and Waving to the Bank

Everyone isn’t destined to be an entrepreneur, but most of us would jump at the opportunity to make extra cash. Seasonal businesses can be very lucrative, and, in the case […]

John John (John Francis)

John John: Cita’s Grandson does Soul

Growing up, everyone had their own experience with music, whether it was by learning to play the piano in primary school, playing pan in secondary school, or simply drumming on […]


ARC: Business sense or Allegiance to Art?

Running a magazine is no easy task, especially when you don’t have a long list of staff on your masthead, and everything – from design, marketing, distribution, content development, editing […]


Akosua: An Activist for Entrepreneurship

At age 16, how many of us thought about being an entrepreneur? At age 16, how many of us thought that we could live off of our talent? As a […]


Baidawi: Detnating Beats and Sounds

Deejaying since age 13, in 1989, Baidawi Assing has attached himself to music in much the same way that the treble and clef can’t be removed from a score of […]


Marisa Albert: Take it to the Cleaners

You wouldn’t be surprised to hear a 21-year-old talk about wanting to start a business, but starting a dry cleaning business? That isn’t often mentioned. But, six years ago, at […]