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Men in Tights: Weird Looks and Running Fashion

OK, I admit it. I love running in tights/leggings. Short, long, I love them all, but there is one problem – it doesn’t seem to be socially acceptable in my native Trinidad. […]


My On and Off Relationship with the Gym

  If relationships were a metaphor for exercise, I admit I’m a cheater. I make promises. I make plans. I commit in my head, but my heart isn’t in it. […]


Run Omega. Run: My 5K Story

  Run a 5K? Yes, I’m hearing the beginners make all of the excuses. “I am not fit enough!” “I doh run unless is Carnival Tuesday and I trying to […]


Diabetes in my 20s: Far from Sweet

“I’m going to live forever.” I am sure that many 20-somethings have had this thought, subconsciously or otherwise. Even if we don’t actually think it, this idea is what drives […]


Weight insecurity: Is being comfortable with yourself enough?

My grandmother, a beautiful, immaculately put together, almost septuagenarian, has decided to go hungry because an old friend remarked upon seeing her that “she let sheself get real fat”. She […]


Health Food Junkies: Is Your Healthy Eating Unhealthy?

Can healthy eating ever be…unhealthy? Turns out, it can be. As if the usual eating disorders affecting young women (and men) weren’t insidious or dangerous enough, now there’s a new […]


Is Your Granny Healthier than You?

When you take a look at our culture, what stands out to you the most? Partying? Liming? Wining? Drinking? Or great cuisine? Nowhere, do we see fitness being promoted, right? […]


Fatty and Fried: Do Trinis eat too much?

On my last visit home in July of this year, I spent six months prior to that getting in shape. I came up with a dance routine workout and exercised […]