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Carnival Resolutions: Which Ones Do You Make or Break?

Making resolutions for Carnival isn’t something we consciously do – except for resolving to have a sexy body…of course. But losing weight is just one of those obvious resolutions. Looks […]


3 Trini Songs I didn’t expect to Hear on Finnish radio

Only 11 Trinis live in the whole of Finland, the last time anyone checked. Eleven! Well, maybe that’s quite a lot of Trinis for a place that’s dark and frozen […]


10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Connected to Caribbean Culture

If you live outside of NY, DC, MD, VA, or parts of Canada, it may be hard to keep your kids connected to their Caribbean roots. I grew up in […]


My Favourite Parang Songs: Ayeeeeeeee!

I never realised how special Parang music was, until I put on “Alegria Alegria” by Daisy Voisin, the queen of Parang, one November day in 2005. There I was, in […]

New Soca Parang 2012 from Xplicit Entertainment

So the young’uns over at Trini studio, Xplicit Entertainment put out a new, cheeky Soca Parang riddim a few days ago. With lines like “I have a gyul livin’ in […]


Soca and Sexuality: What if your Favourite Artiste was Gay?

  Trinidad and Tobago, are you ready for an openly gay Soca artiste? Age, gender, and sexuality do not affect your ability to make great music. Right? That’s the politically […]


Porn, Pop Culture, and the Perception of Innocence

  Brazzers. What does that mean? The first time I saw this word was on a photo – circulated on Facebook – of Shaquille O’Neal, lifting Trinidad and Tobago’s Prime […]


What Do You Think of Trinidad’s Shaq Attack?

  So Dr Shaquille O’Neal came to Trinidad. Yayyyyy. We big. Maybe we might make it onto Necole Bitchie, and look like we in ting. Whatever you think about the […]


5 Things Soca Artistes Should Sing About

  In Soca, Trinidad and Tobago has an original, unique genre to call its very own. Yet, the consistent problem is that outside of Carnival, there is rarely a place […]


How to Depress People on Facebook

  Studies say that every one in ten persons suffer from depression, making it one of the most common conditions affecting the human race. It is predicted to only become […]

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Why is Great Food So Hard to Find?

  Quick. List ten places, in Trinidad and Tobago, where you can find food that makes you want to forget your table manners, lick your fingers, and suck the juices […]


Random Ish from de Outlish Crew

So last week, the Outlish crew was up to doing what it does second best, talking ish in its FB group. Karel (de editor) got the bright idea, “Lewee play […]


Seeing Ourselves in our Favourite West Indian Novels

  The few West Indian novels I studied in school have a special place in my heart, because they were some of the only books that I could see myself […]


De Riddim of Tings! A Carnival 2012 Overview

“A tiny number of ideas can go a long way, as we’ve seen. And the Internet makes that more and more likely. What’s happening is that we might, in fact, […]