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Lady and candles

My December Dread: Grieving during Christmas Time

Sitting in my living room now is a little pine tree called Eve, so named by me because she’s an evergreen – the type of tree that is symbolic of […]


It’s time to Talk about Sex, Children and the Education in between

  When my 18-month-old niece starting touching her vagina the first time I changed her diaper, I wondered if I should leave the room and give her some privacy. In […]


General Public Gastro: The Silent Killer

By the time this article is published, I will be on the hook for another murder. The victim? Mr. No Blasted-Manners from upstairs. Here’s how we met: Last week Monday. […]


Does Keeping up The Illusion mean Keeping your Partner?

It was one of those perfect nights. I was liming in the gallery with my honey at the time. My boy was in full courting mode – small talk and […]